Ein "Dokumentarfilm" von einem Alumni gedreht mit dem Ziel das Besondere, den "UWC Spirit" ein zu fangen.




Nachfolgend ein Link zu einem Artikel der die Existenz und Propaganda Deutscher "Elite Internate" wie Schloss Salem, das ja bekanntermaßen ebenfalls von Kurt Hahn gegründet wurde. Der Artikel bezieht sich nicht direkt auf UWC, kann aber meiner Meinung nach teilweise durchaus sinnübertragend gelesen werden. Der Artikel ist recht lang, aber in seiner Gänze wertvoll, dehalb der Link und kein Ausschnitt.






Auszüge aus dem Schriftstück "What was MUWCI? reflections on a place that didn't want to exist" von meinem Co-Year Niklas.


"i imagined a communal place, integrated‚ community‘ into my language as a synonym for ‚body of faculty, staff and students‘. but – confirming the paradoxon – muwci was one of the most individual learning experience i had. muwci was not a community. and it was important for my growth that it wasn’t. i had to learn how to think. no one can teach you this, no community and no education. at the same time, community was the romantic ideal, the basis for argumentation, and aim of college discussions. but so was sustainability. service. staff integration. impact. education."


"if i were to answer in one sentence, what muwci universally means, and why i’d promote applying there, it would be this: muwci constructed herself intellectually out of the postcoloniality of her contextual setting and otherwise in a strong committment to a tradition of chaos. the postcolonial environment is crucial to confronting the student’s privilege and to ensuring a challenging learning process, instilling thoughtfulness over action. it needs to be at heart of consideration of the school’s impact (as the accusation of being a neocolonial project is an easy one) where confrontation with authority and power also suggests the same critiques within the institution and the ‚community‘. this i called the tradition of chaos, the regularity by which revolutions occur, the persistence by which students are challenged to learn incredibly through opposing an imperfect institution that they once believed in enough to apply for."


Der ganze Artikel und andere sehr lesenswerte Kommentare zu der heutigen Zeit und Gesellschaft finden sich im "purple notebook of a revolutionary".